PM reveals major state-backed cyber attack

‘Very clear the PM is calling out Beijing’’ reported The Australian on 19 June 2020: Australian Strategic Policy Institute executive director Peter Jennings told The Australian it was “very clear” that China was behind the cyber attack and that Scott Morrison was calling Beijing out.
“I think you’ve got to sort of go through a check list of factors, which is not just the capability issues that Morrison talks about but also the interest and intent. The Russians could do it. The North Koreans could do it, but neither of them have an interest on the scale of this. They have no interest in state and territory government or universities,” Mr Jennings said.
“So that leads me to conclude that the only country that has got the interest to go as broad and as deep as this and the only country with the sophistication and the size of the intelligence establishment to do it, is China. That’s very clear.
“I think you can sort of attribute 95 per cent of confidence to it being China.”
Mr Jennings said the Morrison government was “saying publicly to China ‘we know’ and in a sense putting a bit of pressure on them.”
“China will read this very clearly as Australia saying ‘we know’. They are very sensitive to public naming and shaming on this issue.” READ MORE: